To provide strategic counsel and solutions while developing the principle professionally and strategically aligning successful achievement of their desired outcomes. Empowering clients with the tools and network to navigate the best business scenarios - from strategy to marketing, technology to product design and operations to crisis management.


Extraordinary Leaders require extraordinary Strategy. I use my super power of understanding relatability, connectivity and impact to create distinctive individual brand strategy that is meaningful, memorable and iconic, putting the individual’s authenticity at the center of the strategy to drive broad connectivity and deliver real impact. While also providing goal specific networking, crisis management, strategic communications, public affairs and public relations counsel to clients facing a broad spectrum of needed outcomes.


From C Suite executives to Family Offices, providing guidance on strategy, branding and legacy. To study the principle in relation to desired outcomes to provide strategic solutions and corrective trajectories. Providing measured and impactful counsel is the foundation of the firm.
With a solid analysis of your brand, assessment of opportunity and potential and strict attention to detail and harnessing the strength, your brand can advance in a very short amount of time with long lasting outcomes offering a suite of branding solutions for principle clients and their respective businesses.
Honing your legacy of leadership and providing strategic guidance to provide professional growth and measurable impact.
Maintaining and growing a global network or access and influence requires constant cultivation and management. Having direct access to the buyer, the seller and the decision maker has proven extremely valuable to our clients. Maintaining relationships with the best and the brightest is fundamental.
Stay Ready so in a Crisis you are not forced to get ready. Preparedness is critical in your decision making, so for our clients a crisis is most often simply a new opportunity.
With a solid focus on timeless, relevant and thoughtful appeal, delivering world class creativity is a basic standard of operation. This includes partnering with exceptional vendors to deliver upon the diverse needs of our clients. When our clients need professional solutions, we have access to the most relevant and effective creatives in the marketplace for immediate resolution.
The goal is to help individuals and organizations operate at maximum efficiency by properly utilizing the skills and talents already present within the leader or organization, while accentuating development-focused assessments. To this end, the process of developing leaders may involve securing additional training, as well as making changes to the current business culture.
When you are conscience of the impact of your efforts and desire to focus and be intentional with how you are described and remembered. We help you make it, make sense for many generations to come!


My clients are Titans of Industry, category leaders and challengers, as diverse as C Suite Executives, Media Personalities, Family Offices to Political Leaders. I’ve amassed experience across sectors with work spanning geographies, scale, and scope. No challenge is too big or messy, familiar or foreign, broad or niche.


The needs of my clients are extremely diverse and I have become their go to for a wide range of answers, given my robust network of service providers and solutions. So whether it’s the items needed specifically for your brand update or personal situational needs, you are now within 1 degree of access.



At your convenience, we will set a time for you to share your unique challenges and objectives.


I map out your situation and requirements and what additional support to facilitate the desired outcomes, to ensure you’ll get the right expertise plus a good cultural fit.


We develop a customized statement of work to achieve the desired outcomes with agreed upon timeframes and costs.


We get started in days, working month to month, with a minimum of a 18 month commitment. During our weekly check-in’s we will review progress closely.


Senior Advisor to Boards, C Level, Family Office, Private Equity and Foundations

Cordey Lash provides extensive strategic advising and professional development.

From growth to exit, I invest in your success. I combine my collaborative, experience-based approach with my network and access.

I am your strategic growth partner.


A one-of-a kind strategic advisor dedicated to creating winning solutions, enhancing and protecting the client – their reputation, brand and future opportunity. His unique heritage gives him the expertise, insights and access to readily assess our client’s position and instinctively help them calculate the next move and most advantageous path forward. Valued for his discretion, candor, reputation, strict attention to detail, proficiency in revealing the best brands and eminent successes, the majority of business is via clients’ referrals.